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Is there a system where checking out course materials can be more efficient?

I went to check out a course material but told it was checked out until a certain time and to come back then. I came back 5 minutes beforehand but it was already renewed by the same person before even though it wasn't the due time. This method is really unfair and inconvenient for people who are waiting to check out course materials. There should be a waiting list or some sort of system for people who are waiting. The current system for checking out materials require people to keep coming back and forth to check if the material was returned or not because some people don't use it the full 2 hours. Also, it allows other students to check it out because they happen to ask for it by chance even though there are people waiting until the time they were told it's due back.
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We're sorry you were unable to check out the course reserve materials you needed - especially on Thursday of Finals Week!  While Course Reserve checkouts have always been first come, first served, you’re right that this can be unfair. So here’s our promise: we’ll look for ways to improve the student experience.  One option may be to offer “your table is ready” devices to let you know when a textbook has been returned. We’re putting together a team this spring to review how we can improve course reserves and we hope to have some better solutions for students in place by fall 2012.  Thanks for your feedback!

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